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Hologram Stickers or Labels – Reliable way to Protect your products & documents from Duplication, Counterfeiting & Tampering, Many manufacturers, suppliers and brand owners are using Security Holograms in India & across the globe to protect their brands and identity. This holographic technology can be used to any product or commodity because it is in label form. Hologram labels are simple to use and apply; all you have to do is peel and paste.

The best seal of infallible security and assurance for genuineness and quality against any sort of imitation for duplication or piracy is the 3D hologram label, a high-tech counterfeiting deterrent. Holographic labels reveal any attempts to remove them from a product or document since they are tamper-evident.

Holograms provide foolproof protection against all forms of imitation for copying and pirating and provide an authenticity label for packaging, giftware, stationery, security printing, brand authentication, and other products.

Several security elements can be incorporated thanks to the innovative holographic technology, enhancing both the seal’s visual appeal and protection.

Holoseal’s personalized holograms are eye-catching and innovative appeal provide your brand a distinctive decorative edge over rivals while remaining entirely secure and out of the grasp of counterfeiters.

Sheet Holograms Chennai

Hologram Sticker in Sheet Form Supply

Holograms are often provided on sheets measuring 6″ × 6″. For square and rectangle holograms with sharp edge corners, there is no need for a gap between the two, but for circular, round corner holograms, or other bespoke shaped design holograms, a gap of 2 mm to 3 mm is needed. The hologram can be made in thicknesses of 24/36 microns. For manual application, hologram stickers are often supplied in sheet form.

roll hologram manufacturers mumbai

Holographic Labels in Roll Form Supply

Roll Form Hologram or Spool Form Hologram for businesses where the quantities are large and hand application of the holograms is not practical, holograms can be provided. The holograms are provided on spools with a minimum gap of 2.5 to 3 mm separating each hologram. By using an automatic dispensing system, these holograms can be applied both manually and automatically. The hologram can be made in thicknesses of 36 micron.

different shape hologram sticker manufacturers

Different Shapes Hologram Labels

Holographic labels can be made in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, oval, square with rounded corners, and unique ones. can be given with various Hologram Shapes that are either Tamper Evident or Non Tamper Evident. The hologram can be made in thicknesses of 24/36 microns. can be delivered in sheet or roll form.

colour hologram sticker manufacturer mumbai

Holographic Stickers in Different Colours

Holographic stickers are available in a variety of colours, including red, blue, green, copper, gold, and silver. Several coloured holograms can be used to enhance tamper evidence qualities. These colour hologram stickers can be made in a thickness of 24 or 36 microns. can be delivered in sheet or roll form.

transparent hologram manufacturers navi mumbai

Transparent Hologram Sticker

Transparent holograms are ideal for products where both brand protection and product surface visibility are required. These hologram labels are carefully created using the best materials and adhesives, then laminated like regular labels. Both tamper-evident and non-tamper-evident features are provided for these transparent holograms.

tamper evident hologram manufacturers mumbai

Tamper Evident Hologram Labels

A clear film peels off when a Hologram attached to the substrate is attempted to be peeled off, leaving the metalized section behind that cannot be removed. These hologram labels with self-adhesive tamper evident technology aid in giving authentication and safeguarding against counterfeiters. Can be delivered in sheet or roll form, Available in a variety of colours and in a 24/36 micron thickness.

void hologram sticker manufacturers mumbai

Void Tamper Evident Holograms

This hologram leaves the word “VOID” on the package when it is peeled off. As only a small number of businesses have the technology to provide high-quality pattern releases, it significantly improves product security. Available in several colours and in roll or sheet form with a thickness range of 24/36 microns.

text tamper evident hologram manufacturers mumbai

Customized Text Tamper Evident Holographic Labels

This solution offers great security and incorporates the company’s name or logo as a tamper-evident feature. The brand or name is left behind on both the substrate and the hologram when an attempt is made to peel it off.

honey comb tamper hologram manufacturers

Honey Comb Pattern Tamper Evident Holograms

As this kind of hologram is peeled off, a “honeycomb” pattern can be seen. Depending on the number of orders, this design can be modified. Offered in a variety of colours and in roll or sheet form with a 24/36 micron thickness.

check tamper hologram manufacturers india

Checkered Pattern Tamper Evident Holographic Stickers

As this kind of hologram is peeled off, a “checkered” pattern can be seen. Depending on the number of orders, this design can be modified. Offered in rolls or sheets with a 24/36 micron thickness and a range of colours.

self destructive hologram manufacturers chennai

Self Destructive / Multiple Cut Hologram Stickers

Multiple Cut Hologram is a self-destructing hologram that appears as a label and simply peels off. It will break up into teeny bits as you try to pull it off. This sort of hologram, which is available in sheet or roll form and may be supplied in a variety of colours, is frequently used on merchandise from the apparel, electronics, automobile, and pharma industries.

original genuine hologram manufacturers hyderabad

Original Genuine or Generic Design Holograms

Companies who want an immediate holographic solution use stock holograms like Original, Genuine, Void Warranty, Tested Ok etc. Others decide against it because they would rather pay the one-time holographic development expenditures only after conducting market testing. ​Holoseal offers a variety of stock holograms that can be personalized with the name, logo, serial number, and other details of the customer’s choice. These holograms are advantageous because they have some of the aesthetic and safety components.

serial number hologram manufacturers chennai

Holograms with Serial Numbering

Holograms with Serial Numbering help to distinguish your product or document. On the surface of the hologram, variable information, such as serialized numbers, can be laser marked. Excellent once more for inventory management, security, and holographic label tracking. You can get these holograms in sheet form. Available in several colours, can be offered with tamper evident features, and can be supplied in 24/36 micron thickness.

chemical etching hologram manufacturer hyderabad

Chemical Etching Hologram Labels

For promotional purposes, chemically etched holograms are employed. As supplies change, variable information can be added to the hologram label surface. These holographic labels are available in roll and sheet form. Available with a 24/36 micron thickness. can be supplied with tamper-evident features and in a variety of colours.

hologram printing mumbai chennai hyderabad

Hologram Stickers with Printing

To improve the security and aesthetics of a hologram while maintaining its uniqueness, Holoseal has created a sophisticated technology that integrates printing in register. Registered Printing Integrated on a Hologram is a method of selectively enhancing the Hologram’s security and aesthetic appeal. Compared to standard hologram labels or printed labels, these holograms are more secure. Holograms that have been registered printing are more appealing, and attracting brand enhancements are a major goal.

barcode hologram sticker manufacturers mumbai

Barcode Hologram Label

They are exclusively developed for Track and Trace and are a one-of-a-kind high-security hologram for brand protection. A scanner can quickly trace and track an encoded barcode that can be carried by the special hologram. These barcode hologram stickers are very helpful for supply chain navigation and verifying the safety of the goods.

qr code hologram manufacturer chennai

QR Code Hologram Stickers

The hologram label can be printed with QR codes to offer an extra layer of protection. Even mobile phones can quickly scan the QR code on Hologram. It is possible for the QR codes to be dynamic alphanumeric. Links to websites with further information about a product or business can be included in QR codes.

scratch hologram manufacturers mumbai

Scratch Holograms

Scratch holograms conceal secret data that the end-user can only see after scratching off the holographic image. These holograms are employed in a variety of applications, including gift redemption programmes and recharge coupons & cards. The high level of protection offered by the hologram enables the end-user to confidently verify the product’s authenticity.

demetalized hologram sticker manufacturer tirupur

Demetalized Holograms

Demetallization is the process of removing parts or all of the metallization from a hologram. Demetallization is the process of removing the metallized coating from an entire region or just a small portion of it in order to create security patterns or aesthetic improvements. Demetallization, which combines a non-holographic component and a holographic component, is one of the highest security level hologram technologies.

lens hologram manufacturers india

Lens Integrated Holographic Labels

Depending on the client’s needs, a 6 mm silver holographic lens strip can be incorporated into any portion of the hologram. The 6 mm lens is typically integrated on colour holograms to improve the hologram’s aesthetic appeal and to provide more security.

transparent metalized hologram chennai

Metalized Strip on Transparent Hologram

According to the needs of the client, a metalized strip with a bespoke design can be integrated on a standard transparent hologram, or a generic metalized strip can be integrated on a custom transparent hologram. This is just another of Holoseal’s extra security features.

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Advantages of Hologram Security Stickers

Hologram security stickers are frequently applied on products, packaging, papers, and certificates as a kind of anti-counterfeiting security. The following are a few advantages of holographic security stickers:

Hologram security stickers
are meant to be hard to replicate, and they typically make it obvious when someone tries to take them off or change them. This facilitates the identification of fake products or documents.

Customers are more inclined to believe that a product is real when they see that it has a holographic security sticker on it, which boosts their confidence in the brand.

Enterprises may guarantee the authenticity of their products and safeguard them against fakes by employing distinctive and identifiable holographic designs.

Hologram security stickers
may be made to order in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to meet specific needs and  applications.  Security Hologram Stickers are made in accordance with specifications and at a fair price. As such, they provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to protect their brand.

application of hologram stickers, holographic films, holographic stamping foils

Application of Hologram Stickers

Pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, identification papers, financial cards, automotive parts, food and drinks, sports memorabilia, and collectible goods are just a few of the businesses that use hologram security stickers. In addition to these uses, holographic security stickers may be used to improve security and confirm the authenticity of products and documents in a range of other sectors and applications.

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