Anti-Tampering Hologram Labels Aid in Product Security

How do Anti-Tampering Hologram Labels Aid in Product Security ?

Customers always want to be certain that the product is real, whether it be a medicine, food item, or beauty kit. Any form of tampering or adulteration deceives the consumer while also casting doubt on the reliability of the company and its products.

Consider a situation in which you discover your anti-cough syrup bottle has a compromised or broken seal, but the contents appear to be unharmed. Will you eat the syrup at the potential risk? We wager that you won’t give it a second thought and that you’ll either throw it out or take it back to the store.

Many pharmaceutical companies use various anti-tampering technologies to secure their products in order to prevent the kind of circumstances that endanger customer health and devastate the brand’s reputation.

Anti-tampering holographic labels, which offer the items strong protection, are now widely used in a variety of industries. These holographic security labels, as their name implies, show any tampering attempts that have been made with the products. There are various anti-tampering hologram label types with various capabilities, including the following:

Tamper-evident hologram labels: When a hologram bonded to a substrate is attempted to be peeled off, a clear film peels off, leaving the metalized piece behind that cannot be removed. These self-adhesive, tamper-evident holographic labels help provide authentication and protect against counterfeiters.

Void holograms: When attempting to remove these void hologram labels, the substrate displays a warning message and the adhesive layer is destroyed.

Self-destructive holograms labels: These self destructive hologram stickers are difficult to remove from packing because when they are removed, they leave behind visible bits.

By utilizing holographic solutions such as hologram labels, hologram strips, and holographic packaging, Holoseal may assist you in preventing copycats from utilizing your brand and products. If you wish to learn more about us or our products, please contact us.

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