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Holoseal is a top Hologram Supplier Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu, making its mark not only in India but also globally. We focus on helping clients in different regions of India by providing secure and authentic items and documents, aiming to tackle infringement and duplication.

Our company is growing fast, alongside our clients’ success. We stand out by offering cutting-edge holographic products and have a strong presence in key Indian cities. As trusted hologram suppliers for brand owners and manufacturers, we provide unique security solutions to guard against deception and infringement.

Hologram security stickers are special labels with holographic elements that enhance the security of products or documents. These stickers are designed to make it tough for unauthorized individuals to copy or tamper with the holographic features, helping prevent fraud.

To create hologram security stickers, a thin, transparent layer of holographic material is applied to a sticky surface. The holographic material has various patterns and images that look different from different angles, making it challenging for unauthorized people to replicate. Some hologram stickers also include watermarks, micro text, laser and or inkjet serial numbers, or barcodes / QR codes for added protection.

These hologram security stickers are an effective way to add an extra layer of protection to documents or products. They’re easy to use, customizable, affordable, and provide a high level of security. Many Brand Owners, Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers,  organizations, Wholesalers and Retailers choose holograms to enhance the security and authenticity of their products and documents.

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Hologram Security Features

The holograms we provide have two types of security features: overt and covert.

Overt features are easy to see, making it simple for users to spot authentic items. These features, like intricate patterns and special effects, are hard to copy.

Covert features are not visible and need special equipment for detection. Examples include hidden text and images. Only the manufacturer knows these features, helping staff confirm a product’s authenticity in the field.

Hologram Tamper Evident Properties

If someone tries to take off the label, holograms have features that clearly show it’s been tampered with. The design gets messed up, making it impossible to put the label back on. These tamper-proof features add an extra layer of protection. Many industries use them to prove that sealed shipments are genuine when delivered to customers.

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Serial Number Holograms

To boost security, each hologram is given unique data like barcodes, QR codes, or serial numbers. You can use mobile phones to read this data easily. Manufacturers benefit from this by identifying and reducing counterfeit items through distribution channels. Different methods like thermal printing and laser marking provide this variable data. For some holograms, like batch numbers and dates, chemical etching is used to give static information.

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