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Established in 2011, Holoseal is a Hologram Supplier Bangalore company that specializes in high-quality holographic products like Hologram labels, Holographic hot foil stamping, and Holographic films. We help many businesses in different industries fight against fake products, protecting their brand reputation.

Holoseal has become known as a trustworthy hologram supplier in Bangalore, delivering top-notch quality, a wide range of products, and quick order fulfillment. Our dedicated team works hard to offer the latest and best products in the market. We provide a variety of holographic solutions for both export and domestic products, including Hologram seals, Holographic Stamping Foils and Holographic Films with your logo and personalized text based on your requests.

Investing in protecting your trademarked goods and documents from counterfeiting is a small price compared to the significant savings it brings. At Holoseal, we collaborate to understand your needs, ensuring timely delivery at the most affordable prices.

Our security holograms use advanced technology to deter counterfeiting. These holograms can be attached to packaging, labels, papers, and merchandise, enhancing security. They can also include changeable data like bar codes and QR codes, making each hologram unique and improving overall security.

Holographic films make product packaging look cool and attention-grabbing. Their fancy designs make items stand out on shelves. Our holographic films, meant for printing and laminating on cardboard and film, let you create cool graphics for your packaging. They work well with various packaging methods and are known for keeping colors vibrant, providing a barrier, and being easy to use in production.

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Industries We Serve

We create special holographic solutions to fit the unique needs of companies and organizations, helping them achieve their goals.

Our team uses their industry knowledge to find successful methods with holographic solutions across different industries. No matter the business, clients from various sectors can rely on us to support their success.

Advantages of Holograms

  • Make sure only the right people have important printed things like ID cards or documents with value.
  • Make sure you’re using real things or papers.
  • Make it harder to copy products exactly.
  • Make sure your customers know the product is real and will work as expected.
  • Stop fake products to keep sales safe and growing.
  • Make the product or document look better, including its packaging.
  • Offer potential forensic details for legal proceedings.
  • Show evidence to prove there’s no carelessness or faulty products.

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