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Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

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To improve security and authentication, holographic hot stamping foils from Holoseal can be applied/transferred to priceless documents, product labels, Pharma labels, textile labels, automobile labels, Electronic Labels, MRP Labels, Product Information Labels, Food Labels and packaging cartons. The production line already in place can easily be combined with the new process. So it becomes easy for manufacturers, converters & brand owner to use this process.

Holographic images are transferred via a heat (hot stamping process) or UV method (cold transfer process) on paper, film, clothing, and a variety of other surfaces for both decoration and authentication.

Customized design Stamping Foils supplied in roll form and embedded with holographic high security features, to protect your valuable documents and products from Duplication, Tampering & from Forgery. Many brand owners and products manufacturers in India and across the world use this Holographic Hot Stamping Foils to protect their brands.

For branding, holographic images can be transferred to pharmaceutical labels, cartons, tickets, coupons and other surfaces.

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Holographic Hot Stamping Foils - Running Design

In order to apply holographic hot stamping foils to various goods, documents, or packaging materials, a procedure known as hot stamping is used. Several applications that call for anti-counterfeiting or anti-tampering capability use them. Foils for hot stamping are frequently used in sectors like banking, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, tobacco, and wine and spirits. Also, they are frequently utilized for high-security applications, including checks, stamp papers, currency, and other protected documents. Hot Stamping with Holograms A continuous hot stamping design is applied to foils in the form of your company’s logo or terms like “Authentic,” “Genuine,” “Original,” etc.

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Holographic Stamping Foils with Eye Mark

In order for the machine to detect the eye mark and hot stamp the same picture at the same location on every label or card, registered holographic hot stamping foils have eye marks on each image. The best example of a registered stamping foil can perhaps be seen on credit cards such as RuPay, Mastercard, Visa etc. Each of these cards has a registered image hot stamped hologram that looks identical in all the cards.

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Holographic Cold Foil

Holographic Metallic foil is printed onto a substrate using a process called cold foil printing, often referred to as cold foil stamping, to improve the aesthetics of the finished product. There are two methods for cold foil printing: the more traditional dry lamination method used in offset printing and the more modern, adaptable wet lamination method that currently rules the packaging sector. Production time is significantly decreased because this procedure doesn’t require the creation of a die. Moreover, foil used for cold stamping can offer unique effects including embossing, gradations, gloss/matte finishes, etc

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Advantages of Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

For companies and organizations trying to safeguard their products and reputation, hologram hot stamping foil has several advantages. The following are some of the primary advantages of Holographic hot stamping foil.

An efficient security measure that can help stop counterfeiting and shield products from being tampered with or reproduced is hologram hot stamping foil. The foil’s ability to produce a 3D holographic images makes it a valuable tool in the battle against counterfeit products.

Hologram hot stamping foil has security advantages, but it may also provide a product or document a distinctive and eye-catching touch. The foil’s creation of a 3D holographic image can draw attention to the products and improve its overall look.

These holograms may be personalized with distinctive patterns, styles, and branding components, increasing their difficulty to copy and boosting the marketing and branding of the products.

The reputation, influence, and income of a brand can all be significantly impacted by counterfeiting and product tampering. Brands may safeguard their reputation and merchandise from these dangers by employing holographic hot stamping foil.

Brands can use these kinds of holograms to demonstrate the legitimacy of their goods. Brands may provide customers an obvious and visible indicator that a product is authentic by adding a holographic stamped on to it.

These holographic hot stamping foils are strong and resistant to many kinds of weather, therefore the security features will hold true for the duration of the goods.

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Application of Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Holographic hot stamping foil has several uses in a variety of sectors. Here are some examples of its applications: Product packaging, brand protection, government documents, banking and finance, event tickets, and luxury goods, among other things. Overall, holographic hot stamping foil is a flexible security feature that may be employed in a variety of sectors and applications. Because of its potential to combat counterfeiting, safeguard brand reputation, and improve product look, it is a must-have tool for many firms.