Understanding Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

Understanding Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

In order to easily transfer the unique holographic images on the surface using hot stamping machines, holographic hot stamping foils are made by embossing hologram impressions on lacquered, metallic polyester film and then covering them with specific adhesive coating. Holoseal produce it to your specifications so that you can use it in running strips or registered forms.

Most of these come in a variety of colours, with silver being the most common. These are currently popular and in high demand across numerous industries. Branding, authentication, security, and decorative purposes are the key goals.

Holographic Hot Stamping Foils : How are they transferred ?
Using a special adhesive coating, the embossed holographic foil containing Brand and Product information is transferred without affecting the holographic image. Additionally, it can be transferred using a hot-stamped process, either in running or registered image through eye mark, in which the machine detects the eye mark and accurately transfers the image to the position.

Holographic hot stamping foils’ advantages ?
Specifically customized designed for your brand.
Strong visual appeal that facilitates brand verification.
Colour Schemes That Catch Your Attention.
Beautiful designs and patterns.
More quickly incorporated or applied to goods or containers.
Superb Value for Money.
There is no possibility of it being sold illegally because it is of high quality and cannot be duplicated.

Applications of Holographic Hot Stamping Foils?
These are so common these days that we see them daily on a variety of products like:
Credit Cards and Legal Paperwork
Mark sheets and Diplomas
Christmas Cards
Book Jackets
Plastic Products
Glass containers
Items for decoration

Industries Use Holographic Hot Stamping Foils?
Public Sector
Food and Beverage Sectors
Automotive Industries
Packaging Industries
Plastic Industries
Book Binding Industries
Cosmetics Industries

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