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holographic film manufacturer mumbai

Holoseal can swiftly meet all of your Holographic Film demands in order to meet your requirements. Leading laminators, converters,  manufacturers and suppliers in India and other nations utilize our holographic films, which speaks much about their quality.

For enhancing brand identities and drawing customers’ attention among crowded retail shelves, Holoseal’s best Holographic film designs offer an infinite variety of visual effects in packaging.

Customized Holographic films from Holoseal are used to safeguard & authenticate genuine products. Holoseal Solution has been widely used by brand owners & manufacturers as a powerful tool to combat imitation goods and safeguard their brand in the marketplace.

Seamless Holographic film is a product offered by Holoseal that is incorporated for use in upscale packaging and decorative label applications.

For the purpose of preventing oxidation and having excellent barrier characteristics against moisture and oxygen for prolonged shelf life of the packed goods, holographic films are made from the highest grade raw materials.

metalized holographic film manufacturer chennai

Pet Holographic Films / Polyester Holographic Films

The best possible metallization is offered to ensure that the design can be seen clearly. For proper lamination, holographic lamination films have a high Metal Bond Strength (MBS). For better lamination, corona treatment and plasma metalized holographic films are available upon request.

seamless holographic film manufacturers hyderabad

Seamless Holographic Films

Moreover, Holoseal offers seamless holographic generic design films with a maximum width of 1650 mm that use patented technology. Holoseal provides coated holographic (with shimline/seamless). UV printing on the film is acceptable for these films. Rainbow Holographic design Film is most among the Holographic Seamless Films.

To get the best optical density values, metalization is carried out using 99% pure aluminium wires in the most recent metalizer. The business can provide zinc sulphide (high reflective index) metalized film.

colour holographic films manufacturer mumbai

Holographic Colour Films

Colour or Mylar Holographic Films are offered in a variety of Pantone colour shades. PET Film, 13 micron, is available in widths up to 1300 mm with colours on the film side (Outside). There are also 12 micron metallized colored/mylar films available. For particular applications, colours can also be delivered below the film (inside) and sandwiched between metallizing and holographic on demand. Uses include decorative purposes, advertising, and gift wrapping.

transparent holographic film manufacturers india

Holographic Transparent Films

Offset printers are provided with these in either generic or unique designs to increase trademark protection and aesthetic appeal. Application includes : Calendars, greeting cards, and rigid packaging.

hri holographic films manufacturers sivakasi

HRI ZNS Coated Holographic Transparent Film

Our HRI Transparent holographic films‘ HRI (high refractive index) and higher optical density give your products the best possible visibility. These films are typically utilised for security purposes. Holoseal offers both generic and custom designs based on the needs of the customer.

custom holographic film manufacturers mumbai

Customized Holographic Films - Metalized & Transparent

Holoseal’s customised holographic films aids in the security & authentication of real goods. Many brand owners, Converters, Laminators and Manufacturers have found the Holoeal solution to be an efficient tool for battling imitation goods and promoting their own brands in the marketplace.

cast and cure holographic film manufacturer puducherry

Cast and Cure Holographic Films

Cast and Cure Holographic Film is a particular grade embossed BOPP film that can be used repeatedly to transfer a transparent holographic image to printed substrates to improve brand security and aesthetic appeal without interfering with or obstructing critical statutory print matter up to 1600 mm in width holographic image transfer using UV adhesive.

holographic transfer films manufacturer mumbai

Holographic Transfer Films

Transfer holographically A unique technology is used to create holographic metalized films that transmit the holographic picture to any substrate, such as paper or board. If necessary, the transferred surface is suitable for additional UV printing. Supply may come in the form of seamless or shimmed holographic graphics. Holographic Film designs can be either generic or customized, or they can combine both. up to 1300 mm in width.

On demand options include plain/colored metallized film and coloured transfer holographic film. The final product is eco-friendly because there is no polyester film. Applications include flexible and rigid packaging, labels, and decorative items.

uv embossed holographic film manufacturers india

Holographic UV Embossed Films

Holoseal’s Holographic UV Embossed films help your high-quality products stand out on crowded shelves by enhancing their visual attractiveness and brand prominence. There are available lenses of various sizes with greater depth and three-dimensional effects. Moreover, customized designs are available. Thickness will be either 13 or 23 Micron on PET. Width of the holographic designs’ 995 mm /1010 mm. Offered in Transparent and Metalized

metallized window holographic film manufacturer chennai

Window Metallized Holographic films

When the product needs to be seen in the pouch or carton due to the packaging, holographic window films and metallized films are available. Generic holographic designs to increase the attraction of the goods, and unique designs to preserve the brand and prevent counterfeiting.

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Are you looking for Holographic Films for your Packaging ?

Advantages of Holographic Films

Packaging has a big impact on sales, marketing, and product safety. In an extremely competitive market, packaging may help a business expand. Product packaging is regarded by industry professionals as the company's initial means of communication. The perfect packaging should protect the brand from copying and tampering, increase its visibility, and ensure that the product's content is secure and undamaged.

Recently, product manufacturers have begun using more innovative packaging materials. These packaging items are of excellent quality, have many anti-counterfeiting characteristics, and—above all—give the product an advantage over rivals. Appealing appearances with maximum clarity with shine, brightness and high glossy holographic effects.

Holographic wide web film, an efficient flexible solution for laminating, wrapping, packaging, and a variety of other uses, is one of the most widely used packaging goods. Because the films provide holographic protection and hinder tampering, they also reduce counterfeiting. Holographic wide web films come in a range of widths and may be tailored to the needs of the customer. Holographic wide web films are widely utilized in flexible packaging and are primarily created and produced utilizing the highest grade raw materials.

The holographic films come in two varieties: BOPP (biaxially orientated polypropylene) with a minimum thickness of 20 microns, and PET (polyethene terephthalate) with a minimum thickness of 12 microns. Holographic wide web films enhance the brand value by making the final product entirely holographic in addition to protecting the brand.

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Application of Holographic Films

Toiletries, tobacco, flexible packaging, printing, wine boxes, gift boxes, books, magazines, boxes, printed items, and other paper products are all laminated using Holographic Films. Suitable for high-quality replica and faux carton lamination. Holographic films are vailable in a variety of colors and designs, including plain rainbow, light beam, and patterns. There are several designs available for choosing, as well as customer creations.

FAQ's - Holographic Films

Holographic lamination film is a unique material that merges the protective attributes of standard lamination with holographic effects, resulting in a visually captivating and secure outcome. In contrast to regular lamination film, holographic lamination film integrates three-dimensional holographic patterns, elevating the visual appeal and fortifying security measures against counterfeiting. The incorporation of holographic effects not only safeguards the laminated surface but also enhances its aesthetics, offering a distinctive and eye-catching finish.

Our holographic films can be tailored to your preferences. We provide a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes to align with your branding requirements, guaranteeing a one-of-a-kind and distinctive appearance for your products. Also offering with your company logo and/or customized design as per your requirements.

Holographic films are used in many different sectors, such as electronics, packaging, printing, security, cosmetics, and more. They provide a flexible option for companies that want to improve the visual appeal of their brands.

Holographic film plays a crucial role in brand security by providing a visually distinct feature that is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate. Its unique optical characteristics make it challenging for unauthorized parties to copy accurately, thereby protecting the brand from counterfeiting and ensuring consumer trust in the authenticity of products.

To order holographic films, simply contact our sales team through our website or give us a call at +91-8928 18 1178. We'll be happy to discuss your requirements, provide samples, and guide you through the ordering process.

Holographic films can enhance your product packaging, brand identity, and security features. They add an aesthetic appeal, improve shelf visibility, and provide anti-counterfeiting measures.

Holographic lamination films are compatible with various printing and finishing techniques such as offset printing, flexography, and UV coating. It is crucial to consult with us to ensure compatibility and achieve the desired results.

The shelf life of holographic lamination films varies based on the material and storage conditions. Generally, they should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain their quality. It is recommended to use films within their specified shelf life for optimal performance.

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