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We are a well-known company as a hologram Supplier in India. Our hologram seals are like stickers made from special metalized polyester films. They help confirm if important documents and branded products are real. Holoseal offers affordable Hologram Labels for brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers etc.. that you can customize with your business name, logo, serial number, and more. You can also add features like secret codes and tamper-evident elements to these labels. These labels are hard to copy, making them a great way to protect your business from fake products. Holograms are often used to make sure products are real and to prevent copying of important documents.

These holographic seals are priced reasonably and come with these main features: 

  • Customized designs created on metalized polyester film.
  • Utilized for safeguarding and verifying trademarked products and important documents.
  • Employs distinct holographic technology to incorporate multiple security features, enhancing both the visual appeal and protective capabilities of the seals.
  • Security seals are tamper-evident, making any attempt to remove them noticeable.
  • The tamper-evident seals available can be customized with a range of release mechanisms to meet individual client requirements.
  • These eye-catching holographic images are commonly employed for promotional purposes.
  • Seals are available in various sizes and shapes and are supplied in sheet or roll form.

Our Products

Product Specification & Additional Details

Why Holoseal ?

We are a top choice for supplying security holograms and 3D stickers because:

  • We’ve been leaders from the beginning, providing lots of high-quality hologram labels.
  • Our stickers come in different types to fit each business’s needs.
  • You can get hologram labels in colors like Transparent, Red, Gold, and Blue at a nominal extra cost.
  • Our main focus is making sure products have a clear identity and enough security when they go to other countries.
  • We’re experts in supplying real-time holographic solutions like labels, foil, cartons, scratch coupons, and more.
  • We follow high-quality standards in hologram labels.
  • We work for different industries with our holographic solutions.
  • We offer special deals tailored to each customer.
  • Our labels and stickers have a special finish that protects products from being copied.
  • We help protect both new and old products from being tampered with or copied.
  • We’re good at making solutions for complete security, brand identity, and control over counterfeiting.
  • Along with regular hologram stickers, we also make special 3D ones based on what you need.
  • We consider what our customers need right away to make sure their products are safe.
  • We’re skilled at making unique logos for special product lines.
  • We prioritize maintaining the complete identity of products where our solutions are applied.
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Quality Policy

Holoseal aims to give you products and services that exceed your expectations and meet your needs. We're committed to providing dependable and top-notch products and services while always working to make our business better.

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We want to be the go-to source for holographic solutions, making our clients' products look better and safer. We're dedicated to quality in everything we do, from creating cutting-edge products to offering excellent customer service.

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We promise to always offer products and services that go beyond for our clients, providing them with a unique experience. To help us reach our goals, we focus on building lasting relationships with our customers and business partners.

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Hologram Labels and Stickers for Various Industries

Hologram labels and stickers offer significant advantages for various industries in Indian cities and towns, boosting security, brand integrity, and consumer trust.

  • Manufacturing: In industrial hubs such as Pune, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Ludhiana, hologram labels are vital in countering counterfeiting. They are used on products like electronics, automotive parts, and machinery to ensure authenticity and protect brands from counterfeiters. This helps manufacturers maintain their reputation and instills confidence in consumers purchasing these products.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Leading pharmaceutical centers like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Visakhapatnam use hologram stickers on medication packaging to fight counterfeit drugs, ensuring that only genuine products reach the market. This protects public health and upholds the credibility of pharmaceutical companies in these regions.
  • Textiles and Apparel: Textile centers such as Surat, Tiruppur, Erode, and Kanpur use hologram labels to secure high-end fashion and apparel brands. These labels assure customers of garment authenticity, protect against imitation, and enhance brand value, especially important in a market with widespread counterfeit clothing.
  • Food and Beverages: Cities renowned for their food processing industries, such as Delhi, Kolkata, Indore, and Mysuru, benefit from hologram labels that ensure the authenticity of packaged food products. These labels provide information about the origin, manufacturing date, and safety standards, helping consumers make informed choices and trust the quality of the products they consume.
  • Electronics: Tech-forward cities like Bengaluru, Chennai, Noida, and Gurugram find hologram stickers essential for the electronics industry. These stickers secure products such as mobile phones, laptops, and home appliances, ensuring customers receive original, high-quality items. This prevents financial loss for manufacturers and maintains customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Implementing hologram labels across various industries in Indian cities and towns can significantly reduce counterfeiting, protect consumer interests, and enhance trust in Indian-made products.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum order quantity depends on the chosen hologram size. Hologram stickers are printed on a 6-inch by 6-inch sheet, and our minimum order requirement is 1000 sheets of this size. For instance, if you opt for a hologram size of 1 inch by 1 inch, each sheet will contain 36 holograms. Therefore, the minimum order quantity would be 1000 sheets multiplied by 36 holograms, resulting in a total of 36,000 pieces.

No, tamper-evident holographic stickers are designed to leave behind a visible mark or "VOID" pattern when removed, indicating tampering, but they generally do not leave any adhesive residue on the surface.

Yes, as a security measure, holographic stickers are frequently used for authenticity and warranty certifications. These stickers' holographic component increases their intricacy and makes it harder for counterfeiters to make duplicates. Holograms have an eye-catching three-dimensional look that makes them difficult to replicate using conventional printing techniques.

Event tickets and access credentials can benefit from hologram stickers, which provide a safe and eye-catching element that increases authenticity and discourages counterfeiting. Holographic components increase replication difficulty and provide event tickets an additional degree of protection.

We understand the importance of ensuring the quality and suitability of our hologram products before making a bulk order. We'd be happy to provide you with a hologram sample. We aim to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase decision.

The duration needed for hologram sticker production varies based on factors like quantity, complexity and customization needs. Generally, lead times can span from two to four weeks.

Hologram stickers are capable of being serialized or numbered, facilitating individual identification and tracking to bolster security measures against counterfeiting.

Hologram stickers are usually easy to apply manually and don't typically require specialized equipment. They adhere well to different surfaces and are designed for user convenience. However, in cases of extensive usage or when precise placement is crucial, businesses might utilize specific tools like applicator machines or automated labeling systems. These instruments ensure efficiency and accuracy, especially in scenarios involving large-scale production. The choice of application method depends on the scale of the operation and the particular needs of the packaging process.

Hologram stickers possess intricate three-dimensional optical characteristics that render them challenging to duplicate. These holographic stickers often showcase distinctive visual elements, like rainbow hues and illusions of depth, enhancing their resistance to counterfeiting significantly.

Yes, hologram stickers can be used for promotional purposes to enhance brand visibility and create a unique marketing appeal. Businesses can customize hologram stickers with promotional messages, special offers, or QR codes to engage customers and drive sales.

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