Hologram Technology

Holography Technology is a technique that enables a wavefront to be recorded and later re-constructed. Holography is best known as a method of generating three-dimensional images, but it also has a wide range of other applications. In principle, it is possible to make a hologram for any type of wave.

The security hologram, which typically takes the shape of a self-adhesive label and is produced using the advanced technology known as “laser optics,” has been determined to be the most effective optical security device for preventing fraud. A credit card would be inconceivable without a security hologram. Security holograms are widely utilised throughout the world for.

(a) Document authentication, which entails safeguarding the originals of significant, sensitive, and priceless documents from the threat of forgery and counterfeiting.
(a) Product authentication and brand protection to help consumers recognise genuine products and shield brands from fakes, imitators, and look-alikes.
(c) Enhancing the image of a brand and brand marketing.

Master Origination

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The initial stage in the development of a hologram is called Master Origination. The top-notch High Security technology offered by Holoseal is far superior to the traditional 2D/3D dot matrix origination methods that have been around for a while. The master hologram is produced by this cutting-edge technique using polygonal patterns rather than dots. As the image pixels are exactly aligned to one another with no gaps in between, this produces brighter, clearer holograms. Theres are various types of Masters used by Holoseal for their clients, according to their security features requirement.
1) 2D/3D Mastering
2) Dotmatrix Mastering
3) High Security or Kinegram Mastering

Security Features

Both overt and covert security elements may be present in the provided holograms.

To make it simple for the end user to recognize authentic products, overt features are readily obvious. The obvious elements are intricate, appealing, and challenging to imitate. Guilloche patterns are among the more obvious aspects. effects like embossing, gradients, and kinetics, etc.

The covert aspects of a security system are those that cannot be seen without special equipment. Some of the covert characteristics include nano text, laser readable images, raster effects, etc. As the manufacturer is the only one who is aware of the features, this helps the staff members doing on-site product authenticity checks.

Additional Security Features

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Together with security features on the Master, Holoseal also provides printing, chemical etching, QR codes, bar codes, serial numbers, scratch holograms, demetalization, lens strip integration, two-color holograms, and many other hologram features.

Tamper Properties

Holograms come with tamper-evident features that offer unmistakable proof if someone tries to remove the label. The pattern becomes distorted when a hologram is attempted to be peeled, making it impossible to reattach the label to the item or package. An additional layer of security is provided by tamper-evident features. They are employed by numerous sectors where consumers must receive sealed items as confirmation of validity. The following tamper properties offered by Holoseal

Full Tamper Evident, Void Tamper, Honey Comb Pattern Tamper, Checkerboard Pattern Tamper, Customized Text or Logo Tamper, Self Destruct able / Multiple Cut Hologram.

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