Additional Layer Of Security With Hologram Labels

Add an Additional Layer of Security with Hologram Labels

Holograms are becoming more and more common as security concerns grow. Holographic security labels are crucial for preventing unauthorised access to secured products and information.

Organisations with High Security
The use of security holograms has grown throughout time on a national and international level. Security labels and holograms are an effective control tool to limit access to sensitive information, particularly in high-security settings. Security labels may also be used to restrict access to material pertaining to national security. Since filtering is made simple by matching security label and classification, it provides a potent defence against security flaws.

For instance, employee badges imprinted with holographic labels or badges with security hologram stickers serve as an effective security precaution to deter imposter admission. Similar to how visitor identification is distinguished from the rest by specific coding on security labels, a security check is quick and simple thanks to this. Numerous international corporations, airports, and other highly secure organisations use this practise widely.

Retailers of all kinds
Even some grocery marts or department stores employ the distinctive hologram imprinted on security stickers and holographic labels.

Numerous department stores and shopping centres now use holographic security systems due to an increase in stealing and pickpocket incidents. The majority of objects on display in department shops, including food, clothing, decorative items, etc., are marked with unique security labels that, when scanned by a metal detector, frequently catch shoplifters. Depending on the need, the special security labels could occasionally feature holograms or unique barcodes.

While holographic labels satisfy the other security requirements, security labels only address one component of the security issue—preventing access to data or goods. Hologram labels contribute to provide flawless defence against counterfeiters. When holographic labels are applied to high-security data records or products, they not only make product replication difficult, but also make it impossible to cast doubt on the product’s authenticity.

Electronic Products
In addition, the electronic industry is struggling to deal with counterfeiters and security concerns. Due to the significant increase in the piracy of music and video CDs, many businesses are releasing their CDs with distinctive holograms or security labels with 2D/3D holograms that make it impossible for counterfeiters to produce and sell illegal copies of the original.

Hologram labels are widely used in a variety of electronic products, including laptops, adapters, mobile phones, IPADs, chargers, and other electronic devices. Electronic item producers are using security hologram stickers and specialized holographic stickers to preserve the brand image while also making the counterfeiting process difficult and expensive because the mechanism for doing so has become refined and complex.

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