40 percent of sold vehicle components are counterfeit

40 Percent of Sold Vehicle Components are Counterfeit!

Fake brands and knockoffs are encroaching on the market in the automotive sector like venomous mushrooms. However, you can prevent this annoyance from making a damage on your reputation by using a number of measures before your premises is assaulted. Your brand worth is impeccable, and it propels you forward towards gaining new clientele, so you should always work to keep it safe from the stealing fingers of unethical business practises.

The followings can assist you in doing that:

  1. Begin by doing proper branding right away. Every one of your products should be clearly marked with your brand so that once someone buys it, they are certain they are getting the genuine article. Release your product without a little hologram onto the market.
  2. Try to inform every consumer of the numerous certified auto dealers in their area as well as, if possible, the showrooms. Frequently, a customer’s ignorance in this area leads them to purchase anything from a neighborhood store, where there is a greater risk of fraud.
  3. Keep tabs on the various locations where these malpractices occur and gauge their severity there. Then, implement a strict inspection force in accordance with its intensity to effectively eliminate the phoney parts.
  4. Make your brand prominent online and keep emphasizing how important it is to purchase authentic goods. Point out disparities such a lack of testing standards and safety regulations that could result in a deadly catastrophe.
  5. Brand image is everything in a supremely competitive market and once it is tarnished; your business may very well have experienced the doomsday for your business. However, with these strategic moves, you can surely change your brand’s image by being the lone warrior in the battlefield of fake.

In a fiercely competitive industry, brand image is everything, and if it is damaged, your company may very well be facing financial ruin. However, by being the lone fighter in the false war, you may transform the perception of your brand with these tactical tactics.

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