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holographic strip manufacturers mumbai india

Customized holographic images and self-adhesive printed labels from Holoseal are combined with other security and traceability features. This product offering fully satisfies the customers’ need for product information, verification, distinctiveness, and security. To make it appealing and totally secure, holographic magnificence is combined with barcode, sequential number, printing with invisible ink, thermochromic ink printing, etc.

  • A product’s appealing appearance makes it stand out in a crowd.
  • Offers verification, traceability, and security.
  • Customised to meet the needs of the customer.
  • At the user’s end, some variable data can be integrated.
  • Self-destructive materials that are tamper-evident are used.
  • Printing with thermochromic ink and UV-readable invisible ink facilitates authenticity and origin verification.
holographic strip on paper label manufacturers mumbai india

Holographic Strip on Paper Labels

Paper labels can now have holographic strips built into them for added security and authentication. The holographic strip is a thin layer that is integrated into the paper label during the label-making process and contains a holographic image. The hologram strip has a distinctive pattern that may be seen from various perspectives. The strip is made to be challenging to duplicate or copy, making it a useful anti-counterfeiting measure.

holographic strip for pharma labels manufacturers mumbai india

Holographic Strip on Pharma Labels

Holographic strips used to pharmaceutical labels give another level of product security. By giving consumers a tool to identify fake or altered packaging, it contributes to their safety. Additionally, it gives businesses a way to monitor the distribution of their goods and make sure that only authorized retailers are selling them.

holographic strips for automobile labels manufacturers mumbai india

Holographic Strip on Automobile Labels

An efficient way to stop counterfeiting and to give the packaging for automotive spare parts a special level of security and protection is to incorporate a holographic strip into the automobile label. As more businesses seek out means of preventing fraud and counterfeiting, this kind of technology is growing in popularity. Automakers can safeguard their customers from fraud and counterfeiting by incorporating the hologram into the label.

holographic strip manufacturers for ticket and coupons

Holographic Strip on Scratch Coupons

Reward and incentive programmes are a necessary component of consumer-focused marketing initiatives nowadays. These initiatives aid businesses in gaining repeat business and client loyalty. Only consumers who have lawfully acquired the good or service are able to submit a claim under the terms of a Holoseal secure redemption coupon. These coupons have been extensively employed in a variety of sectors, including fashion, cuisine, entertainment, and vehicles. Holographic Strips are integrated on these coupons to add more security.

holographic strip for pharma packaging manufacturers mumbai india

Holographic Strip on PVC

For pharmaceutical products, holographic strips can be pre-applied to PVC as a branding and security solution. The medicine packs are highly secure thanks to the holographic images, which also aid in product identification. The strip application process is carried out offline. For more control, the application machine can be put at the client’s location; alternatively, Holoseal can offer this service for a price that is mutually acceptable.

holographic strip on pvc shrink sleeves manufacturer mumbai india

Holographic Strip on PVC Shrink Sleeves

Holoseal shrink sleeves with holographic strips incorporated safeguard the container’s contents’ purity. Customized holographic design piques consumers’ interest visually and raises awareness. Holographic strips are applied to body or neck sleeves for theft prevention and authentication. The packaging is appealing and special thanks to the full-body holographic metalized sleeves.

holographic strip on aluminium foil for pharma mumbai india

Holographic Strip on Aluminium Foil

For safety and protection, specific blister packaging is required for food and medicine products. They are also necessary to protect the things from air, moisture, and outside effects. High-quality printed Aluminium foils with holographic elements are available from Holoseal. Holographic strips assist the consumer in determining the genuine product, lowering health hazards.

holographic tape manufacturer mumbai chennai hyderabad

Holographic Tape

The supply of holographic tapes uses customized holographic continuous designs. For the purpose of authenticity, holographic tapes are offered with adhesive coatings with or without release liners for attachment to labels or shrink sleeves. The tapes are available in widths above 6 mm.

holographic bird scare tape manufacturer india

Holographic Bird Scare Tape

In order to scare birds away from outdoor places, holographic bird scare tape is employed. It is a visual bird deterrent manufactured from holographic film. Birds will want to avoid the area since it will be disturbed visually and acoustically by the wind and sun moving through and reflecting off the tape. Agricultural settings including farms and vineyards frequently employ bird tape. In nearly every vineyard, rows of grapes are shielded with holographic bird tape that flaps in the wind. These strips are simply fastened to locations where birds are a concern.

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