Various self-adhesive Hologram label types

Various Self-Adhesive Hologram Label Types

A Self-Adhesive Hologram label is extremely important for both the product producer and the end user. Actually, the label guarantees that the end users will receive genuine products that were created by the product producer. However, a quick glance at the label provides the end user with peace of mind that they are receiving the exact goods they ordered.

All things considered, as a product producer, you must be specific about the kind of self-adhesive label that will best meet your needs.

Given that you may have assumed that there is only one type of label, known as a “Self Adhesive Hologram Label,” which has a sticky adhesive backing, you may be shocked by this instruction. All you have to do is gently press the sticker onto the surface of the product container after peeling it off the sticker’s top adhesive layer.

We must admit that this sums up your broad perception of how these labels function. But this group of security labels definitely includes some variations. These are them:

Labels with hot-melting adhesive :-
These self-adhesive labels tend to melt away when heated, as the name implies. Basically, these labels’ adhesive is a particular form of rubber. Both of these labels are equally vulnerable to the sun’s UV radiation.

But if heat and UV exposure could be prevented, they are ideal for non-smooth surfaces where they adhere with ease and stay put.

Labels with acrylic adhesive :-
Acrylic is the primary ingredient used to create the glue for this type of self-adhesive label. As a result, unlike rubber-based adhesive labels, they are not heat- or UV-sensitive.

These acrylic adhesives are also not as soft as those that are rubber-based. These adhesive labels are not particularly effective on cardboard or other rough surfaces.

However, these labels with acrylic adhesive work very well on smooth surfaces like those on bottles and containers for cosmetics, medications, and toiletries.

These different self-adhesive labels have even another benefit. These labels are simple to use simply applying little pressure to their surface thanks to the firm adhesive inherent in them.

Labels with removable adhesive :-
This adhesive label’s functional feature is that it sticks to the surface where it is applied with a firm grip using only light pressure. These labels’ adhesive grip, meanwhile, is not as strong as it is with the other two kinds of labels.

Another characteristic of this group of labels is that their adhesive strength depends on how well the surface they are attached to and how sensitive to heat it is.

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