Counterfeiting in India-A Solution is Hologram

Counterfeiting in India-A Solution

All successful brands are at risk from counterfeiting in India; in fact, one could argue that a brand is not successful until it is imitated. But why should you let someone else reap the rewards of your labour? Protect your reputation and your earnings. Consumer safety is not a concern for counterfeiters; they only worry about their bottom line. Any successful brand will be copied by counterfeiters.

One needs to use a complex anti-counterfeit approach that combines legal, enforcement, and technology components in order to successfully battle counterfeiting.

Patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other legal issues fall under the purview of the legal profession. The enforcement is done by Government Authorities and investigation agencies. The technology aspects of counterfeiting are addressed by Hologram.

While the technical complexity of the hologram image – both overt and multi-level covert elements – looks after the technological aspect of the strategy, the application of hologram acts as a 24 hour guard and thus addresses the physical part of the anti-counterfeiting strategy. The security increases as the technological specification does.

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