Security Hologram Labels Protect Your Business

Security Labels Protect Your Business

Self-adhesive Security labels are available in many different sizes, colours, and forms. The most popular self-adhesive stickers and their general characteristics are listed below.

If the label is left in place rather than being removed, a permanent adhesive is employed. These labels typically require the use of a solvent, and the removal procedure will typically cause the printed stock torn on top of the adhesive to separate. When removing labels with these solvents, the printed stock frequently rips over the adhesive and necessitates the use of a solvent throughout the removal process.

When removing labels with these solvents, the printed stock is frequently torn off over the adhesive, necessitating the employment of a solvent throughout.

A semi-permanent self-adhesive label is one that may be repositioned for a while after being applied and is made of glue.

Utilising a label that can be removed quickly and cleanly from different applications is essential. Usually, you can do this without ripping the label’s stock. Typically, they are repositionable labels with adhesive.

They attach sufficiently to stay there during routine handling and use, yet they can still be taken off with a straightforward pull.

How to make the product more protective :-

They are removable yet have adequate adhesion to remain in place throughout routine use and handling.

Since they cannot be replicated, these labels are the best way to safeguard your business against forgeries. To safeguard the legitimacy of the product and the reputation of the brand, holograms and security labels are frequently utilized. Holograms are also employed to safeguard the originals of delicate, priceless, and highly sensitive documents against forgery.

If any removal has been attempted or will be, all of these tamper-proof labels can very simply reveal a tonne of evidence of tampering. To prevent tampering, two different types of labels are typically offered. The first ones are sticker labels, which, when removed, can shatter into fragments. When the second one is taken away, it frequently displays a pattern, such as a company name, a warning, or a logo.

The area of the printing industry known as security printing deals with the printing of things like product boxes, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banknotes, checks, passports, tamper-evident labels, security tapes, product authentication, stock certificates, postage stamps, and identity cards. Security printing is primarily used to stop counterfeiting, tampering, and forgery. Commercial printers now have wider access to a variety of new security measures designed to safeguard these priceless documents, regardless of whether they utilise more modern platforms or more established offset and flexographic presses. Additionally, companies safeguard their less important data like prescription pads, coupons, and transcripts.

Protecting sensitive and valuable papers like cards is the goal of the new approach. Businesses with a high demand for authentication and discretion during document-related procedures may be offered a scalable B2B solution using this cutting-edge technology.

Security labels are made using top class raw materials. A wide variety of labels, including Product Code labels, warranty labels, sealing labels, product labels, coupons, etc. are available from Holoseal. Holoseal also provides tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Holoseal’s security label offerings :-
Automotive Labels with Holographic Strip
Pharmaceutical Labels with Holographic Strip
Holographic Meter Seals
Tax Stamps / Excise Labels
Scratch Hologram Labels
Barcode Hologram Labels
Sealing Hologram Labels
Warranty Hologram Labels
Customized Tamper Holograms
Void Holograms

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