hologram Security Features

Holographic Security Features

There are typically two degrees of security for holographic security features. The overt features that can be seen with the unaided eye make up the first level. Features that are immediately noticeable, such Gradient Effect, Kinetic Effect, 2D Elements, Modulated Depth, Achromatic Effect, Multi Flip Effects, etc. The second level, known as Covert, can only be seen with specialised equipment like a UV lamp, 100x magnifying glass, a thermal sensing device, etc.

The security features listed below are some of those utilised in holographic labels and products. The following security features are included: Three Flip Effects, In & Out Gradient Effect, 3D Fresnel Pattern, Fish Eye Depth Effect, Kinetic Effect, Static Gradient Effect, 2D Text, Guilloche Pattern, Rotating Effect, Animated Hidden Text or Image, 90-Degree Rotation View, Lithographic Effect, True Colour Logo or Image, Animated Bird, Lithographic Pattern, Lens CLR Text, Broken Glass Effect, Achromatic White Effect, A It is also possible to add further security features like UV printing, QR codes, barcodes, chemical etching, laser numbering, etc.

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