use of Hologram Labels

Usage of Hologram Stickers

There are several usage of hologram stickers, including:

1) Product authentication: To verify that goods are real and not counterfeit, hologram stickers are frequently used to certify goods like electronics, high-end clothes, and medicines.

2) Security reasons: Hologram stickers are frequently used as a security feature on ID cards, passports, and driver’s licences to deter tampering and counterfeiting.

3) Brand protection: By incorporating a distinctive holographic design onto products and packaging, hologram stickers may be utilised to safeguard a company’s brand.

4) Hologram stickers can be used as a security precaution at events like conferences or concerts to make sure that only invited guests are allowed admission.

5) Protection against unauthorised usage of a warranty: Hologram stickers are occasionally applied to goods like electronics or appliances to validate the guarantee.

7) Brand promotion: By incorporating an eye-catching hologram design into promotional materials, hologram stickers may be utilised to advertise a brand or product.

8) Counterfeiting prevention techniques: Hologram stickers can be used to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy or reproduce a product.

9) Document security: Hologram stickers can be used to add a distinctive hologram design to secure vital documents including certificates, diplomas, and legal paperwork.

10) Banknotes security: To deter counterfeiting and make it more challenging to copy, hologram stickers are occasionally used on banknotes.

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