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Why do Manufacturers Choose Secure Holographic Pouches ?

Do you pack your products in generic pouches?

If so, upgrading to holographic pouches can protect your company from counterfeiters.

But why are holographic pouches used? Let us respond by sharing the experience of one of our clients.

A reputable FMCG company was encountering product and packaging duplication a few months ago. For its products, the company used generic grade pouches. Forgers eventually took advantage of it and had nearly identical pouches produced by a local vendor. They were able to sell the counterfeit goods to the distributor network at considerably lower pricing.

The selling of counterfeit goods resulted in income loss for the real manufacturer and harmed the brand’s reputation. The brand owner called us for assistance during this important period. We recommended our holographic security pouches to him after a comprehensive examination.

What were the motivations for this advice?

Here are some ideas from packaging experts :-
1) Holographic pouches eliminate duplicates and improve the looks of your goods.

2) The usage of high-quality secure holographic pouches aids in preventing counterfeiting and improving sales.

3) Superior aesthetics and differentiation are provided by flexible printing as well as optical functions.

4) The use of high-quality holographic film and adhesives reduces the possibility of leakage and spillage.

5) Highly customizable to match the packaging requirements of your products using nano-optical holography can improve your product’s attractiveness and security.

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