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Application of Security Hologram Labels and Seals to Deter Tampering and Product Fraud

Security hologram labels look appealing in addition to protecting your items because of their vivid appearance. Security labels can be produced in any size or shape and are reasonably priced. Tamper-evidence features make it simple to assess whether a security hologram label has been tampered with, helping to identify whether the product is used or counterfeit.

Security hologram labels provide a lot of benefits. Nevertheless, if you don’t select a reputable label manufacturer, they can all be for nothing. Make sure the security label and seal supplier you choose is authorized and educated about label production standards. Making the appropriate choice for your business will yield numerous advantages.

The methods for making unique security seals or uncopyable labels are only known to security label specialists. The top security label manufacturers are skilled in a variety of printing techniques, including digital QR codes, UV, hot foil printing, and much more.

Security holographic seals or labels can protect your product from counterfeiting

The main goal of using security holographic labels is to stop counterfeiting. By using a security label, you may ensure permanent identification by reducing the likelihood that the label will be utilized as unauthorized merchandise or disappear without a trace. Security labels and anti-counterfeit seals are helpful signs that help verify the product’s legitimacy.

“Product labels lacking security features cannot increase consumer confidence in the brand.”

One of the most widely used packaging tools for developing brand identity and consumer contact is the security hologram seal or security label. Brands these days have to provide comprehensive product information in a novel way.

Hologram Labels and seals with high-security features to prevent counterfeiting

Visible/Overt Attributes

The term “overt” refers to something that is out in the open and not concealed. The unaided eye can see it. These features offer greater security by combining stunning visual effects with a staggering variety of 3D options. The first line of defense against counterfeiting is overt features. These features allow the user to quickly identify a fake product. A few well-liked overt features are as follows:

Micro Text
3D Effect
Guilloche Pattern
QR or Barcode Printing
Serial Numbering

“Duplication is almost impossible due to the use of micro-text, anti-copy background, invisible UV, and guilloche pattern.”

Secret/Invisible Elements
With the addition of an undetectable layer of security, covert features provide you with increased protection against counterfeiting. Personnel can use these tiny, portable devices to instantly confirm that the product is authentic. Several well-liked hidden attributes are:

Security Printing
UV invisible Pattern
Encrypted Pattern

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