security holograms prevent counterfeiting

In what ways do Security Holograms Prevent Counterfeiting in the FMCG sector?

Security holograms, as a novel security packaging concept, have grown in popularity in recent years. The best part is that they always deliver on their promises. But, before we get into how they help the FMCG industry combat fraudulent activities, let’s first define what these anti-duplication devices are.

Most businesses have little knowledge of security OVDs or holograms, which is detrimental to their bottom line. In fact, they are not exposed to a hologram’s capability to deter counterfeiters/forgers and help their business grow.

FMCG products are highly vulnerable to counterfeiting on a global scale. Therefore, the associated businesses need to begin including security holograms in their packaging.

Fake goods cause the FMCG industry in India to lose 30% of its revenue. Source: FICCI CASCADE

What Is Meant By Counterfeit Of FMCG Products?

Fast-moving consumer goods, which include everything from soap to oil, are referred to as FMCG. These products are very vulnerable to adulteration, diversion, tampering, and counterfeiting due to their broad appeal and demand.

The newest technologies are employed by counterfeiters to replicate authentic goods and introduce low-quality replicas into supply chains. The issue of fake FMCG goods is not recent. The market is seeing an increase in counterfeit goods every day, making it more difficult to tell what is real from what is fake.

Anti-counterfeit technology, on the other hand, ensures that you never have to worry about these kinds of imitations. Throughout the supply chain, you can use personalized security holograms or stickers to guarantee that your products are authentic. Forgers find it difficult to replicate your products and their packaging when you use these brand protection tools.

Security holograms typically serve as a deterrent to counterfeiting and guarantee that your product is never, ever counterfeited.

How Can a Security Hologram or Hologram Sticker Protect the FMCG Industry Against Counterfeiting?

You’re probably wondering how hologram stickers work. What makes them effective as a deterrent to counterfeiting? A security hologram’s rigorous manufacturing process makes it impossible to replicate. From master creation to embossing and printing, the addition of advanced optical features makes them impervious to duplication.

The primary goal of Holoseal security holograms or hologram stickers is to deter counterfeiters. As a result, if you’ve had enough of product replication, this is your last resort. It has become a serious issue, and the use of hologram stickers will protect your products from any illegal handling.

Our solutions improve inventory tracking in your complex FMCG supply chain network. We also make it easier to run loyalty programs, manage warranties, and maintain customer data.

Hologram stickers can also aid in the creation of a genuine identity for your products. As a result, they ensure that consumers only use products that have passed testing guidelines and are considered safe for consumption.

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