kinemax hologram master origination kinegram hologram

What is Kinemax Hologram Master Origination ?

The very first step in the creation of a Hologram is called origination. The Kinemax system is light years ahead of the traditional dot matrix origination techniques that have been in use for a long time. The master hologram in this revolutionary system is created using polygonal patterns rather than dots. Because the image pixels are perfectly aligned to one another with no gaps in between, the holograms are brighter and crisper.

Kinemax hologram master origination system with 120,000 dpi capability to ‘invent’ new security features. Its opto-electronic unit is built around a high resolution spatial light modulator, allowing it to create highly complex designs in a single exposure. This system provides much greater design flexibility, allowing for the creation of new security features.

Some of the advanced security features used in Kinemax Hologram Master are as below :-
1) Lithography Effect
2) White Structures
3) Gratings
4) Micro Images
5) Micro Lenses
6) Nano Security Pattern
7) Fresnel Structures
8) Intelligent Diffusers
9) Prisms
10) MicroText

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