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Increase in Counterfeiting in the Indian Electronics Industry

Markets in India are saturated with a variety of counterfeit electrical goods. In well-known local street Delhi or Mumbai or any other cities, you may readily buy low-grade counterfeit electronics products. In addition to this, there are a lot of little businesses and websites that are perfect for selling counterfeit electronic goods.

The counterfeit electronic market is expanding twice as quickly as the market for general goods, according to market reports from 2014 that were published. The majority of fraudulent products sold online are electronics due to the extensive internet usage among Indian consumers.

Electronics that are counterfeit pose a number of risks to the consumer’s life, damage the manufacturer’s brand, cost the government money, and more. For instance, a false USB might result in data loss, and fraudulent mobile batteries can spontaneously explode.

Additionally, national security and defence institutions are at risk from counterfeit gadgets. Military electronics of poor quality can result in catastrophic mishaps and breaches in national security.

In the Indian market, counterfeit electronics come in two different varieties. The first category consists of fully bogus products with laser markings but not produced by the original component manufacturer.

The second category is referred to as partially fake items, which are made by the company that made the original component but are tagged to do alternative tasks. Instead of labelling the product, these counterfeiters utilise false packaging.

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