pharma labels with holographic strip

Points to Think About Before Selecting Pharma Labels

Pharma labels display information about the contents of the products, manufacturing facts, and other vital information. These labels can aid in product branding and authenticity. Pharma labels have advanced with the introduction of bar codes and are now utilised for a variety of supply chain management systems. In this blog, we addressed three critical aspects to consider when selecting pharma labels for your products.

Security Features :-
Always search for security features on the labels of your pharmaceutical products. Some examples of such characteristics are holography, guilloche patterns, security inks, tamper evidence, and digital authentication. The labels are impenetrable to reproduction thanks to a variety of security mechanisms. High security pharmaceutical labels are impossible for counterfeiters and forgers to copy.

Track and trace capabilities for GS1 :-
All pharmaceutical export shipments from India are now required to use track and trace solutions, which must adhere to GS1 requirements. This is done to guarantee the legitimacy of the pharmaceuticals exported to various regions of the world. Additionally, the government intends to introduce 2D bar code-based track and trace functionality for imported APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). We advise you to confirm that your label supplier offers GS1 track and trace functionality as a result. This is crucial in light of the government’s recent rules designed to stop the selling of fake medications.

Permanence of the label :-
You must sample your products before selecting a label for it. This will guarantee that you only receive premium package labels. Only these labels are able to resist the challenging supply chain circumstances. A long-lasting label efficiently displays product information and contributes to improving brand recognition.

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