tamper evident hologram tips

Tips on Tamper Evident Holograms

Due to the increased demand for security features in primary and secondary product packaging, tamper-evident holograms are growing in popularity across a variety of industries. These holograms, which are frequently used as protective seals for objects, show whether a product is covered by a warranty. Choosing the best hologram might be challenging with so many possibilities on the market.

We asked professionals in the field for their top three recommendations for the best tamper-evident holograms to help you with the process.

Make sure you select the appropriate tamper pattern.
There are two types of tamper evident holograms that are frequently used: tamper text- and tamper pattern-evident.

When peeled or interfered with, tamper text obvious holograms leave a text message on the substrate. You can choose to use generic ‘VOID’ tamper text holograms or customize the text message to the client’s specifications.

Although pattern text evident often has honeycomb designs, it can also be customized to meet your needs. The shape, size, and material of your products will determine the varieties you can choose.

Indicate if you need security cuts.
Holograms with the security cuts tamper function might also be tamper evident. If tampered with, holograms with security cuts self-destruct according to predetermined patterns. You can choose the quantity and placement of security cuts based on your requirements.

Find out whether there are any features that support QR codes.
Supply chain visibility is an extra, optional feature of tamper-evident holograms. The authenticity of your products can be promptly verified by your customers thanks to digital product authentication.

This value-added benefit, which is reasonably priced and can protect your items from copying, might be a useful addition to your security packing.

At affordable pricing, Holoseal tamper-evident holograms offer all the best security and design advantages.

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