Model to secure your products

New Model to Secure Your Products Using Holographic Security Stickers

Holographic stickers are widely utilized in India in every industry. These extremely difficult-to-forge stickers are typically employed for product security purposes. A number of intricate procedures are used to create holographic security stickers. The term “holographic” simply denotes that your design has an eye-catching rainbow-like appearance thanks to an iridescent vinyl coating. Hologram stickers are flat labels that give the impression that they are 3D images.

How holographic security stickers are produced?
Holography is an optical method that records interference patterns of an object or image on a photoresist plate using a master origination process. The technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible to record images even at the nanoscale using high precision lasers. Under the guidance of engineers and technicians, a photoresist plate containing recorded patterns goes through a number of steps to assume the form of a hologram security sticker.

Security holograms’ importance in India
Yes, as the slogan “NEW MODEL TO SECURE YOUR PROPERTY” implies, holographic security stickers are the most effective approach to prevent the sale of fake products. These stickers may have a variety of security features. They are on identification cards, passports, security papers, etc. They provide protection and guarantee for your goods due to the construction of multiple layers. For the benefit of your brand and company, this prevents fraud and duplication.

Additionally, the stickers promote the brand name more effectively than the standard sticker. This is as a result of its striking 3D appearance and colourful design.

In India, holographic stickers are utilized for things like;
1) Security in Product Packaging
2) Brand Defence
3) Authentication Labeling

Apart from this, they are used in a number of different sectors, including the textile, pharmaceutical, academic, and cosmetic industries. One can observe these labels being utilized on car windscreens for verification purposes such as tax, insurance, or any technical inspections.

How do you pick the ideal hologram supplier in India for your business?
Holographic sticker production is a booming industry in India. Make sure the packaging holograms are made of high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials by checking specific details.
High production standards should be used to ensure that the stickers are durable and can withstand all types of wear.
Always examine the hologram print and adhesive quality. Prior to the order being finalised, it would be better if your product quality manager received a sample from the Indian hologram manufacturers.
You should also consider the range of stickers printed. A greater selection of designs demonstrates the company’s innovation.
Whether the business has experience producing customized stickers is another factor to take into account.

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