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All you Need to Know About Security Labels

The adage “prevention is always better than cure” may have been repeated a million times, and protecting your brand is no exception. The security label is may be the step in product or brand security that can be adjusted the most. It can be used as a pictorial deterrent, a tool to tag, record, and determine the location of an object, and to prevent forgeries.

Fraudsters can target practically any product, whether it be the food we consume, the electronics we use for work or play, or the clothes and accessories we wear. A quarter of a trillion dollars are lost to businesses annually due to this problem of forgery or counterfeiting. Modern business owners purchase security labels for this reason. These security labels enable companies like yours to closely monitor their supply chain and keep one step ahead of scammers.

How do security labels contribute to the protection of customers’ and companies’ privacy?
Almost all brands are victimized by fraud and imitation. It is a common issue that damages brand perceptions and causes a decline in goodwill and income. Brands may identify products and preserve their credibility across the whole distribution chain, from the manufacturing floor to the client, with the use of security labels or holographic films.

Additionally, customers may rely on security holograms to guarantee that the genuine goods they purchase were not tampered with in transit from the producer to them.

What kinds of security labels are there?
The many security measures that aid in preventing product theft and diversion might be suggested by an informed security label supplier. Some common security label kinds are shown below.

Correct numbering : Building an effective system for product marking typically starts with registration numbers and other identification numbers.

Electronic Barcodes & QR Codes : Products frequently have barcodes & qr codes. While most people are familiar with using barcode labels to monitor inventory levels and speed up business transactions, many barcodes also contain data that helps consumers identify brands and combats the problems associated with forging and counterfeiting.

Innovative Technologies : Security labels are used to print markings on items utilizing specific technology, frequently quite complex printing techniques. These trademarks are made to be instantly recognizable and extremely challenging to copy, unless done so by an authorized source.

The vast majority of people who saw these would likely call them security holograms. Despite the fact that counterfeiters have mastered some holograms’ fundamental exterior appearance, contemporary technologies enable their manufacturers to include distinctive identification with astounding detail and sophistication.

One of a company’s most precious assets is its brand. It is the symbol of excellence that your clients look for, and it represents the prominence that your firm has worked so hard to achieve and preserve. Therefore, it is crucial to preserve this brand’s goodwill and reputation built over the years.

To increase the protection of your brand, we also make sure to use high-quality security labels with nano-optical holographic images.

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