Security Label in accordance with your goal

Select your Security Label in Accordance with Your Goal

Security labels, as their name implies, are primarily used to protect products against adulteration, tampering, and counterfeiting. These labels help to showcase product information and improve consumer experiences to encourage repeat purchases, in addition to preventing duplication.

Barcodes and serial numbers on security labels make it easier to track and trace products all the way through the supply chain. For your company’s needs, Holoseal has the greatest personalized security labels.

There are various varieties of homologous security labels, and one should choose them based on their use and purpose:

Barcode or QR Code Labels
On product packaging, barcode labels are used to print important information such as the brand owner, manufacturing specifics, and tracking information. This contains barcodes that are encoded with information such as batch number, expiration date, and manufacturing date. Barcode labels can also include various security features like Holograms with high security features, security inks, and others. Pre-printing is another way to customize the labels.

Labels for Automobile Industry
Vehicle part duplication and fabrication are major problems in the industry. Because of their subpar quality, manufacturers not only bear responsibility for misfortunes but also run the risk of endangering the safety of both travelers and their vehicles. High-security vehicle labels are created and printed specifically for automobile products in order to avoid these problems.

Scratch Labels
Secret information is designed to be hidden on scratch labels so that only the end user can view it after scratching off the top layer. These are widely used for various consumer marketing and promotional initiatives, such as recharge coupons, gift cards, warranty/reward plans, and so forth. These labels have a scratchable top surface that may or may not be holographic.

Pharma Labels
Secure pharmaceutical labels are a very fundamental part of medicine packaging. We provide GS1-compliant high-security labels. Our labels help the packaging be secure and durable so that it can survive the worst handling, storage, and transportation situations. They also protect your items from counterfeiting and tampering.

Sealing Labels
Label sealing is a fundamental component of packaging applications where tampering is a major concern. They are the simplest approach to determine whether or not the package has been tampered with.

Warranty Labels
We offer a variety of printed warranty labels in a range of sizes and forms, all with great built-in security and authentication capabilities.

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