motivating factors of holographic films in mumbai

Motivating Factors for Brand Owners to Invest in Holographic Films

Do you have to deal with product fraud, ruined packaging, and low sales? It can be difficult and time-consuming to find answers to all of these many issues.

All of these issues are handled by Holoseal, where we offer personalized solutions. And you save a ton of money doing this.

To identify any holes in your packaging and supply chain, our specialists in packaging and supply chains conduct a thorough investigation. Following that, we provide specialized packaging options based on your requirements.

We’ll go over strong arguments in this blog post for investing in holographic packaging films for your goods and company. Now let’s get started.

Holoseal holographic films have design patterns, security features, and aesthetics that draw customers in, raise brand value, and avoid duplication.”

As holographic films suppliers in Mumbai India protect your products against unauthorized handling and counterfeiting Without holography, your product packaging is vulnerable to adulteration, manipulation, and counterfeiting. Your investment is wasted as a result, and your sales suffer. Our packaging films have holographic security and distinctive design features that cannot be duplicated. It guards against adulteration and manipulation and ensures the authenticity of your goods throughout the supply chain.

With our holographic films, we are able to offer nano-optical pictures with a resolution more than 6 lacs dpi. Such incredibly safe characteristics make criminals unbeatable. Intricate patterns, logos, trademarks, and other branding elements are also included.

“Both PET (polyethene terephthalate) and BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) are available in Holoseal custom holographic films with a minimum thickness of 12 microns and 23 microns, respectively.”

Holographic films enhance the shelf attractiveness of your goods.
Our holographic packaging films have the special ability to refract light. Also, your buyer is drawn in by this feature. Your product stands out from the competition on the store because to the distinctive patterns, designs, and pictures in these packaging films. According to a market survey, 63% of buyers choose items with eye-catching packaging. Holographic films effectively communicate your brand’s narrative and enhance the value of your goods.

Your items will last longer on the shelf thanks to holographic packaging films.

Throughout the supply chain, your items preserved in our holographic films are shielded from oxidation, moisture, and harm. This prolongs the product’s shelf life and protects you against potential losses from wear and tear and contamination.

Your product sales and consumer base are increased with holographic packaging films.
There are several long-term advantages of using holographic packaging films for your products. The movies raise sales, reduce duplication, enhance brand impression, and improve packaging. Additionally, this permits a gradual development in the quantity of new clients you get.

These films may also be laminated with paper to create gift boxes, laminated with sealable films to create flexible bags and WPP (woven polypropylene) bags, and crushed into glitter powder to give the items holographic effects.

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