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Distinguishing Between Barcode and QR Code Holograms

Barcodes and QR code holograms are ubiquitous these days. These are found on a variety of product packaging. Both barcodes and QR codes have the capacity to store and distribute a vast amount of data. What distinguishes them from one another, then?

What distinguishes a bar code from a QR code
A QR code’s look clearly distinguishes it from a barcode. A square made up of asymmetrical pieces is called a QR code. A serial number is often printed on the barcode, which is a rectangle made up of lines and letters with varying thicknesses.

When it comes to information recording, a barcode is a one-dimensional, horizontal record; in contrast, a QR code is more like an upgraded barcode, with a record that is two-dimensional and composed of both horizontal and vertical information. Video, text, and picture recording is also possible using QR codes. as compared to the data captured by bar codes, and are very applicable in today’s world.

Because of their unique features, QR codes and barcodes with holograms are becoming more and more common in the modern business. It is possible to print QR codes on holographic images that are simple to scan, verify, and advertise items with.

Holoseal applies barcodes and QR codes to holographic security labels in order to stay up to date with market demands.

Hologram images may give your brand packaging the last touch, improve a company’s reputation, and provide additional element for shelf appeal because of their shimmering visual effects.

Use our authentication system to create unique QR codes for items at the same time. Branded items are difficult to counterfeit because to the dual anti-counterfeiting barrier of the holographic sticker with QR code, and their safety performance is increased.

Furthermore, the combination helps businesses manage their market channels, promote their products and corporate brand, and stop counterfeit goods from damaging their reputation. Additionally, it aids clients in passing product authentication tests.

Holoseal is keep on developing new technologies, improving the efficiency of counterfeiting, and working to find a solution to the issue of enterprise counterfeiting as we go down the counterfeiting path.

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