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Assurance Advance Technique Multiple Protection your Product’s Security Hologram Stickers

One of the most prevalent problems for the majority of brands is product counterfeiting. Products with anti-duplication technology that is outdated are vulnerable to counterfeiters’ attacks. This is where security hologram stickers come into play.

Investing in advanced security hologram solutions is essential if you want to protect your brand’s reputation, expand your market share, and win over customers’ trust. Furthermore, this anti-counterfeit packaging boosts your revenue multiple times over in addition to enhancing the security of your product.

Let’s investigate hologram security stickers in more detail and see how they protect your products.

What Protection Do Security Holograms Offer Against Product Tampering and Counterfeiting?

Frail regional law enforcement, a weak supply chain, rising industrialization, increased consumerism, harsh criminal penalties, etc. are some important factors that promote product counterfeiting. Thus, one of the most widely used and potent tools in the fight against counterfeiters is holographic packaging technology. Holograms are, to put it simply, 3D shimmering stickers that are carefully chosen using cutting-edge technology and utilized in industrial packaging to protect your products.

Do you want to know how effective holograms are against counterfeiters? Indeed, nano-optical technology powers these holographic stickers. Extremely tiny nanofeatures are embedded in these holograms. Even sophisticated machines cannot replicate such minute and highly intricate patterns, making counterfeiters and criminals incapable of doing so.

The Advantages of Including 3D Hologram Security Labels in Your Supply Chain

  1. Easy identification throughout the supply chain
    Your products’ easy identification throughout the supply chain
    Hologram-attached products can be identified from fake ones. Consequently, you can help your customers recognize the uniqueness or authenticity of your products right away by providing them with a personalized hologram sticker.
  2. Discourages counterfeiters
    Hologram security stickers
    offer strong protection in part because they are relatively simple to identify but very challenging to duplicate. The reason for this is that in order to replicate holograms, counterfeiters would require access to the master hologram and highly sophisticated equipment. As such, the likelihood of counterfeiting is negligible.
  3. Reduces the possibility of adulteration and tampering
    Tamper-evident technology can be used with holographic stickers to make them self-destructive so that counterfeiters cannot replace them. It assists supply chain participants in identifying attempts to modify the product or its packaging.
  4. Aid in supply chain digitization
    It is possible to incorporate digital security features into holograms. One effective way to track and trace your products throughout the supply chain is to print barcodes on the hologram sticker. Furthermore, barcode-based features like warehouse management, warranty management, and loyalty management are simple to set up.

What Level of Protection Are Our 3D Hologram Stickers Offering?

Hologram security stickers offer your products complete protection, encompassing digital, physical, and physical + digital security (phygital):

  1. Physical Security
    Optical components, secure inks, and other stock features are examples of this type of security. It makes it difficult for counterfeiters to replicate the product and packaging while drawing attention to the theft.
  2. Digital Security
    This type of security includes barcodes printed on the hologram sticker, which allows you to track and trace the products. The barcodes are encrypted to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing or copying product information.
  3. Phygital security
    The combination of physical and digital security allows for maximum product protection. This type of security combines physical security features with digital features such as real-time product authentication etc..

If you don’t want to jeopardize the security of your products at any point, hologram security stickers are an effective solution. As one of the world’s leading hologram supplier, Holoseal offers more than 30 security features to ensure the safety of your product. When in doubt, rely on Holoseal! Call us at +91-8928181178 or send an email to

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