holographic film and its uses

What is Holographic Film and Where is it Used ?

Holographic film is an extremely thin, flexible plastic film that has been micro-embossed with patterns or even pictures [Polyester (PET), Oriented Polypropylene (OPP), and Nylon (Bonyl)]. An embossing procedure produces patterns (such as checkered, diamonds, disc etc..) or images (such as a peacock or customized logo or any image) with a spectacular 3-D effect and/or spectral (rainbow) colors. The embossing technique is similar to carving microscopic grooves into the surface of the film at various angles and forms. The “diffraction” of regular white light into dazzling spectrum color is caused by these micro-embossed grooves. This effect is similar to how white light is split into spectrum colors using a crystal prism.

Depending on the position and angle from which you view the film, you will see different visuals and colors. As you see the grooves from different locations and perspectives, the picture and spectral coloring will change. Aluminum is used to metallize several holographic films. This not only protects the embossed surface and reflects light through it, but it also results in a more vivid, sharp, and bright image.

Holographic films can also be laminated to numerous sorts of materials. This combination is frequently utilized in branding packaging applications. Holographic films can also be laminated to sealable films to produce form, fill, and seal roll stock packaging or prefabricated flexible bags. It can be laminated to paper or card stock and used to create consumer packaging as well as specialty gift boxes and bags. For the production of metallic balloons, holographic nylon sheets can be extruded coated with sealable polyethylene (PE). In addition, holographic polyester films (PET) can be coated with specific adhesives to create holographic hot stamping foils for ornamental application to paper or card stock.

This film can also be “pressure sensitized” to be used as sticker or label material. This is accomplished by attaching a pressure sensitive adhesive and a release liner to the film’s metallized surface. Labels or stickers can then be made by die-cutting or machine-cutting the film into the required form, removing the excess film, and discarding the release liner to expose the sticky surface of the final sticker or label.

To create a really distinctive holographic look, holographic polyester films can be cut into glitter or powder and applied to textile items or combined into other materials.

This lovely product may be seen all over the place, most notably on eye-catching packaging such as toothpaste and beverage cartons.

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